Surf Camp 30A is the newest watersport on 30A. Bringing electric hydrofoils to 30A and providing instruction and sales is our passion. Summer 2021 will be our first season, and we have partnered with the Watercolor Boathouse for our lessons.

Our owner first saw electric hydrofoils while traveling to Australia, and that was the birth of Surf Camp 30A. Bringing the idea back to the states, and working out all of the logistics took time, but soon, Surf Camp 30A became an established company in the panhandle of Florida, partnering with local businesses to spread the word. 

Though we are a new instruction company, we are proud affiliates of Fliteboard, which is a lead designer and manufacturer of eFoils. Flite eFoils are beautifully designed, with numerous safety features, which make the ride as safe and smooth as possible.

By booking a lesson through Surf Camp 30A, you will have the benefit or working with experienced instructors who will guide you through the whole lesson, making it a breeze.